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suicunerider asked:

"Ow-- I hate Chrom. I hate Chrom. i hate you, Chrom. I fucking ha-- Ow! There goes my ankle!"



                 ⊰⊱ ❝Hey, hey what’s the matter?❞ Robin asked curiously, ❝Did you get injured or something?

Silver stared down at the book, hiding her face. Defeat washed over her, and anger took its place, just as it did the first time. history was extremely cruel, as she knew well, but this

"That’s not me." she pointed out, bluntness clear and strong in her voice.

The little worm was never satisfied with what she had?! Isn’t that why she left Marth and company in the first place? To many others happier? But, in truth, she’d a very solid point. The text on the page she stared blankly at read,

"They came to Altea: A green haired young woman, vying for their coveted dream of a powerful, long standing Sage. Tied, twin braids hung low on  their shoulders, and sky blue eyes shown ripe with youthful vigor and eagerness to drown themselves in the foreign tome’s word. Their first steps across the cracked, cobblestone would stay for all of time, just as the  footsteps of great men before her.

Her name, Kris. her ambition, Altean Knight eternal.” - Chapter 15: Akaneia Reborn, War of Heroes, Pg. 136, Paragraph 11.

Silver glanced up and over at the doorway, noticing Robin’s head silhouetted and tucked neatly against the tarp, like an owl peeking out of a knothole of a large tree. Pupils shrunken, breathed hitched and mouth dry, she whispered to him, “Why did you lie to me?”

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